Combo-1 Package Combo 3 Leaders & Paste 'Brown Trout"

2 Dry Fly, 1 Nymph Leader & Paste

Brown Trout Combo

Includes (2) Dry Fly Leaders (1) Nymphing Leader and a container of Leader Floatant.

Includes Two Hand Woven "Ultimate" Thread Furled Dry Fly Leaders, 76" in Length with a small Tippet Ring for easy Tippet changes. This is one of our best-selling leaders.

This leader is a must for enhancing your dry fly presentations. These Leaders will turn 4-7' of your favorite tippet and drop your dry with the most gentle of lay-downs. Imagine the drag-free drifts one gets with that much tippet. I currently offer these Thread Furled Leaders" in 0-3 wt., 4-5-6 wt., and 7-8 wt as these are the most common trout lines. The Leaders are Camo in color, (green and Tan) to blend in with most fishing situations.

Also one Nymphng Leader

The Nymphing (wet fly) Leader is Green or Tan in color with a Tippet ring for easy tippet changes.

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