Furled Leaders Selector
By Fish Species


Here at Cutthroat Furled Leaders, we want you to have a great fly fishing experience. This is why we have built a selector so you can determine which leaders are best for your application. Whether dry fly fishing, nymphing, streamer, tenkara, spey or switch fishing, we want you to have a great experience on the water.


Presentation, simplicity and durability sums up your experience when using one of our furled fly fishing leaders. We are known throughout the world as being the best of the best. We offer ultimate dry fly furled, nymphing furled, spey, tenkara, and big bug. Take a moment to browse our customer testimonials for real reviews by other fly fishing fanatics. For fly fisherman, by fly fisherman.

Our Products

Cutthroat Furled Leaders are designed to give you a better success rate on the water. Our unique furled design is built on the following principles. Simple design, excellent presentation, and durable to last the entire season. The furling process is unique and different than a braided. Braided has a hallow core which can lead to water spray when lifting it from the surface. Furled have a solid core like rope. If using our dry fly furled you will want to add floatant. Our nymphing, spey and switch rod leaders are designed to get you in the strike zone and keep you there.