Why are Thread Furled Leaders Better?

Thread Furled Fly Fishing Leaders have no memory therefore every bit of energy from the cast actually gets to the fly.  With typical mono / nylon leaders, so much of the energy is lost in the cast because of the existing coils / memory that are impossible to completely remove from the mono / nylon leader.  Going back to basic physic’s, energy travels through a straight line, if a leader does not completely straighten out, energy IS LOST.  Also, these leaders are very economical, one leader can last an entire fishing season.  I know of many fisherman who have fished for three to four months going two or three days a week with the same leader.

Video Explaining the Benifits of our Leaders. Same Vid found on Home page.

I am often asked about what knot to use when stepping my tippet down.  For Years, I only used the knot above.  Now, depending on species (size of fish), I use the traditional blood knot, as well as this “Left’s Simple Blood Knot”

I am big fan of this knot.  Simple to tie, and it has never failed me…

Below is a diagram showing a great set-up for your dry fly leader set-up.

I use a standard Clinch Knot. I typically tell people to use the same knot they tie their fly’s on with. Reason being, if I recommend a knot you are not familiar with, in the end, most people will tie what they know.

If you choose the Shorb loop option for your leader, you will need to tie a perfection loop of a Davy loop into your tippet and attach the loop 2 loop method.