Good afternoon, Mike,

Thanks for the info.  I presume the ultra leaders have nylon woven into the furl.  I have never popped a ring or broken a shorb loop, even on 4x.  I have broken only one leader – fishing tight water with many overhanging tree branches.  Launched the leader into the branches on a missed strike.  Pointed the rod at the entanglement and pulled line ‘til she broke mid-leader.

I fish roughly 50 days per year, including winter, though I have been on hiatus since December due to a knee replacement.  However, I intend to get back out this weekend.  Thanks for asking.

I hope you are well.  I will be placing an order soon.  As you may recall I stocked up on your leaders a couple of years ago.  As mentioned above I have broken only one and have not needed to replace many others.  They are quite durable.  I find my stash getting low due to giving leaders to those poor souls who have not realized the benefits of furled systems.