Dry Fly Leaders

In General terms, basic Leader Design is this. The longer the leader, the more gentle the presentation. Our 76″ Ultimate Dry Fly leader is the leader that we began the business with. This leader has been used all over the world to land spooky, well educated trout. This leader is designed for the 9′-0″ rods of today. We also hand craft 50″ (shorty) leaders for the bamboo crowd as well as 68″ leaders for all rod lengths in between. (7′-6″ – 8′-6″) The Dry Fly Hybrid leader was created to provide a leader for the most discriminating fly fisher out there. If you are new to our leaders, I would suggest you try the 68″ dry fly leader first. Then if you want to up your game even more, you could try the 76″ Ultimate Dry Fly Leader. The fly fisher should tie a minimum of 4′-0″ of tippet to the leader. I have heard of guys/gals using as little as 18″ and having the best day of their fly fishing career, but we do recommend 4′-0″. If you can turn that over, try to increase the length on your next outing. If fishing light tippets, use 3′-4′ of 5x and then add 1′-2′ of 6x or 7x.

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