Nymphing Leaders

In General terms, basic Leader Design is this. The longer the leader, the more gentle the presentation, but you loose the ability to turn heavy fly’s. Our Nymphing leaders are shorter than our Dry Fly Leader. They also have much more material (mass) in the but section. This creates a leader which will turn (kick) over heavier fly’s. We offer multiple different nymphing leaders for every fishing condition you will ever encounter. Each leader has a specific description.
Hi-Nymph Leader for shallow water nymphing, spooky fish that are indicator shy.
Adjustable Nymph leader, great leader for throwing big heavy flies as well as small bead-heads. My go to leader when using an bobber style indicator.
River Nymph Leader is great for swinging wet flies, small streamers, and more. Not great with an indicator.
Czech Leader for High Sticking. This is not a leader you false cast with, but if you do any high sticking at all, you will love how fast your flies will be ticking the bottom of the riverbed.

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