Adjustable “Thingamabobber” Indicator Leader

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Adjustable “Thing-a-ma-bobber”  Leader.

This Adjustable Nymph Leader is found on many guide boats / rafts accross the West. This Nymph / Thingamabobber Leader gives you the ability to adjust your Thingamabobber hundreds of times, without any damage to the 40 lb line. The leader is approx 36″ with a 35lb swivel on one end, a loop on the other and a thingamabobber in the middle. We have two adjustable stops one either side of the Thingamabobber to keep it where you want it. Thingamabobbers are great for fishing fast / turbulant water. This leader allows the fisher to quickly adjust up to 3′-0″ of depth with ease. The heavy line turns over the heaviest of flies and splitshot.

Simply Attach a 24″-36″ Length of heavy tippet to the swivel. Then tie on a length of tippet to match the fly you are fishing. I like to use the knot that attached the last peice of tippet to stop my split shot from sliding down the tippet. Not only does the heavier tippet help with casting, it can handle split shot without the worry of breaking due to splitshot attachement.

Large uses a 1″ Thingamabobber and the Medium uses a 3/4″ Thingamabobber.

Colors of Thingamabobber will be any of the following. White, Pink, Orange or Yellow


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