Looped Leader, The “Spring Creek” Leader

Stiff Butt Section, Multiple “Chain-Link” Loops offer drag free drifts and amazing dry fly Presentations.

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Looped Leader.

Many guys love throwing long leaders when fishing educated / spooky trout.  One major issue with using such a long leader is micro currents that are not known or seen by the fisher.   This leader has three “Chain-Link Style” connections which which also step down in tippet size.  Think of it as a Hand Tied Leader with joints.  These joints “chain-link loops”, create a leader that drifts through multiple micro currents that never cause drag on the fly.  The leader sections can move freely without in-acting force “drag” on the fly.

The end of the leader is 3x tippet.  Meaning, the fly fisher should use 4x, 5x, 6x attached to the micro loop on the tippet end. The butt section does not have a loop…  If loop is desired, please request in comments area at checkout.

I have been playing / fishing with this leader system recently…  It has been very productive.

3.6 Meter (12′-0″) plus your tippet….  15′-16′ leader system



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