Stretch Indicator / Tippet Protector

Strike Indicator / Tippet Protector.  Never loose that big fish to a tippet break off again.

  • 3 Pack
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Sometimes, you have to use small tippet to actually fool those fish….  But small tippet means break offs, Not any longer…

These high floating sighters / tippet protectors stretch from 6″ to over 5X times the original 6″ length giving you unbelievable tippet protection.  Attach one loop to your fly line, then attach your leader to the the second loop.  You can use Furled leaders or standard tapered leaders.

These Indicator / Tippet Protectors come in two sizes.

Light for smaller tippet (6X, 7X, 8X,)  Medium for tippet (4X, 5X)

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