12′-0″ Trout Hunter Finesse Nylon Tapered Leaders

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TROUT HUNTER “FINESSE” KNOTLESS TAPERED LEADERS designed for fishing quick pocket water in large streams, and/or for delicate presentations and drag free drifts over spooky trout. Thin butt, dynamic taper and long tippet section. Available in (A)9 foot OR (B)12-foot lengths with TIPPET SIZES: 7X(2.2-lb), 6X(3.3-lb), 5X(4.6-lb)

TROUT HUNTER LEADERS & TIPPET MATERIAL – Multi-award winning leader and tippet material by famous fly tyer/fly fisherman, Rene Harrop. Developed and tested on Idaho’s Henry’s Fork over some of the most selective trout on the planet.

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12'-0" Trout Hunter Tapered Leader

3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, 7X

12'-0" Trout Hunter Tapered Leaders 3X