We receive hundreds of testimonials every season. Some from new fly fishers, some from guys that have been fishing for 30 plus years. The ones I like the most, testimonials from skeptics…. See, lots of people have their own opinion of furled leaders, many of those opinions are ill conceived. We love hearing from guides and shop owners that say, “Wow, I have no idea how much of a difference a leader can make to my presentation, etc….”

Absolutely the best leaders I have ever used. I’ve caught saltwater, salmon, trout, bass, sunfish…all using Cutthroat Leaders. They far outperform mono or fluoro tapered leaders and last a very long time.

Mike gives the best customer service and will always take the time to make sure you have the right product for the job at hand.

My only regret after several years of doing business with Cutthroat? Not getting to go to Idaho and fishing with Mike Morin!

– Mike Ridenour

I love these leaders. I made the switch a few years ago and have never looked back. No more cutting and tying, the loop to loop design and no memory of these leaders get me on the water faster and keep me stress free. And YES, you can catch catfish on flyrod in Missouri!!!

– Shawn Seabaugh

Great company that produces a quality product. I have been using Cutthroat Leaders for the past three seasons. They hold up well and allow me to save my traditional tapered leaders for when they are truly needed. The wide variety of options has allowed me to customize different rod/reel combos for 90% of my fishing needs. It’s the other 10% that I go back to the standard tapered leader. If you haven’t tried a furled leader I would recommend doing so, and Cutthroat Leader is the place to get them.

– Brad Raburn

For the past 10 years I have been using Cutthroat Furled Leaders. I must admit, I was skeptical, but after a dry fly session in Idaho, I will never use another leader other than a Furled Leader from Cutthroat. I took a trip to Brazil, their big big leader performed flawlessly on huge peacock bass and toothy critters. If you are looking for the best fly fishing furled leader on the market, you have found the right company! Two thumbs way up!!

– Adam Minic

Been using Cutthroat Leaders for the past 7 years and they have been rock solid. Mike is a great guy to deal with. His customer service is second to none and he always makes things right if you have any issues.

– Leo Storniolo

I’ve been using these leaders for several years and can’t say enough great things about them! Great customer service, great quality, a leader for every purpose and best of all, great price!

– Jeff S

I purchased a few of their leaders. Was very happy with the product, Im still using one of the leaders 2 years later, which amazes me.

– Phil Dominguez