We receive hundreds of testimonials every season.  Some from new fly fishers, some from guys that have been fishing for 30 plus years.   The ones I like the most, testimonials from skeptics....   See, lots of people have their own opinion of furled leaders, many of those opinions are ill conceived.  We love hearing from guides and shop owners that say, "Wow, I have no idea how much of a difference a leader can make to my presentation, etc...."

Good afternoon, Mike,

Thanks for the info.  I presume the ultra leaders have nylon woven into the furl.  I have never popped a ring or broken a shorb loop, even on 4x.  I have broken only one leader – fishing tight water with many overhanging tree branches.  Launched the leader into the branches on a missed strike.  Pointed the rod at the entanglement and pulled line ‘til she broke mid-leader.

I fish roughly 50 days per year, including winter, though I have been on hiatus since December due to a knee replacement.  However, I intend to get back out this weekend.  Thanks for asking.

I hope you are well.  I will be placing an order soon.  As you may recall I stocked up on your leaders a couple of years ago.  As mentioned above I have broken only one and have not needed to replace many others.  They are quite durable.  I find my stash getting low due to giving leaders to those poor souls who have not realized the benefits of furled systems.



Mike, I live in Northern New Mexico and came across your leaders on the internet. I order a dry fly leader with the indicator tip for my 3 wt. rod. I fished the San Juan for a couple of days back in October, my favorite type of fishing the Juan is dry using size #26 dry flies in various patterns. The problem I have as I’am aging is seeing my fly amongst the thousands of midges on the water, once I cast I lose my fly. But with your indicator tip I would tie a 18” to 24” length of tippet in 7X followed by some type of emerger 12” behind the dry. The amazing beauty of your indicator tip is even if I miss my target feeding fish I can instantly spot my fly and if I lead long enough with a small pull I can put the flies directly in the path of my target fish. I had a exceptional 2 days of dry fly fishing on the San Juan. Since then I have attached your dry and nymph furled leaders to all my rods (3-4-5) wt. I’am now going to attach a dry and nymph leader to my Sage Base Rod. I have recommended your leaders to all my fishing friends and family. Thank you for a wonderful product!

P.S. Below is a link to a fishing trip this past weekend on the Conejos River in Southern Colorado. I was of course using your leaders. This fish measured in at 26” long and approximated his weight between 7-8 lbs.

Hi Mike. I purchased my first cutthroat leaders 3 years ago and use them every trip. I use the 76 inch dry fly leader on my 5wt and the light 50 inch on my 3wt I also use the highvis nymph leaders on both I've made multiple orders thinking they will wear and ill need new ones. The problem is I've been using the same leader for 3 years. I fish 2 times a week year round. so I've started giving the new ones away to friends so they can try them. They cast so well makes me look like I know what I'm doing.
Thanks for everything

Jim schofield


Just wanted to thank you for your products.

I made many believers of CutThroat Leaders today catching small trout in a very publicly pressured section of the Utah Provo River.
All afternoon people were asking what I was using to catch the fish. I showed them your leader and even gave the empty leader package to a lady that will probably be contacting you soon to purchase for her and her husband.
Any day fishing is a good day.
Using your leaders makes it a great day fishing!
Thanks again.
No fish were harmed during the taking of this photo...