We receive hundreds of testimonials every season.  Some from new fly fishers, some from guys that have been fishing for 30 plus years.   The ones I like the most, testimonials from skeptics....   See, lots of people have their own opinion of furled leaders, many of those opinions are ill conceived.  We love hearing from guides and shop owners that say, "Wow, I have no idea how much of a difference a leader can make to my presentation, etc...."


I just received 2 new leaders.   I have to write to tell you how amazing they really are!!!   Easy turn over, delicate presentation and such an improvement that I can hardly believe it.  I find myself talking about them to people who don’t even fish!!!    Keep up the great work.

Thank you,

Jeff M

Got my leaders in the mail a couple days ago and used them today for the first time. Both the nymphing and the dry fly leaders are absolutely phenomenal. I can't believe the perfect drifts I get, and it is unreal how easy they are to mend. Thanks for the great product, you have got yourself a lifetime customer.


These leaders are awesome. I don't even know how they make any money because of how durable they are. I love stepping my tippet down from 3x all the way to 5x to get them to roll out nice and smooth and land ever so gently. You can fool the pickiest of trout with these leaders no problem. Make sure to pick up the otter butter and apply it the night before to keep them floating all day long!

Leo S.

I have been using Cutthroat Leaders for years and as you can see, I have no complaints! Easy to use and just bring tippet. No stretching the leader out due to memory and all you need change to go to heavier or lighter strength is the tippet. They wear much longer than regular leader and are certainly less expensive.