We receive hundreds of testimonials every season.  Some from new fly fishers, some from guys that have been fishing for 30 plus years.   The ones I like the most, testimonials from skeptics....   See, lots of people have their own opinion of furled leaders, many of those opinions are ill conceived.  We love hearing from guides and shop owners that say, "Wow, I have no idea how much of a difference a leader can make to my presentation, etc...."

Amazing product!! First off I would like to say how amazing the customer service is and how fast they get orders out. I ordered on the 9th of July and had them here by the 11th. Hands down the best leader I've ever used in 18 years of fly fishing. I will never go back to mono tapered leaders ever again. I use the 76' Ultimate Dry Fly on my 5wt with ease, perfect and delicate presentation, no coils just pure amazing right out of the package. The Tenkara leaders are pure bliss as well, I got my first Tenkara rod as a present from Japan and it came with some leaders that the shop over there recommended. I can't even compare the two, Cutthroat Leaders are far superior. They cast small Dries with minimal effort and the Camo is easy to see on the water. Y'all have a customer for life. Thank you for all your great work, customer service, and an amazing product.

Jeb B.

Jeb. B,