76" Nylon Furled Leader (for 9'-0"+ rods)

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76″ Nylon Furled Tapered Leaders.

This leader is similar to our big bug leader, but handcrafted with less material.  This makes a leader that can deliver small dry flies, medium sized streamers, and can be used with an indicator.

Additional information

Leader Weight

0-3WT, 4-5-6wt, 7-8wt

Tippet End

Micro Ring, Shorb Loop, Swivel

Leader Floatant

Cutthroat Otter Butter Floatant, Cutthroat Otter Butter Small, Loon Floatant

Trout Hunter Fluorocarbon Tippet

Trout Hunter Flouro 3X, Trout Hunter Flouro 4X, Trout Hunter Flouro 5X, Trout Hunter Flouro 6X, Trout Hunter Flouro 7X

Trout Hunter Nylon Tippet

Trout Hunter Nylon 3X
Trout Hunter Nylon 4X
Trout Hunter Nylon 5X
Trout Hunter Nylon 6X
Trout Hunter Nylon 7X

Trout Hunter Nylon Tippet

Trout Hunter Nylon Tippet 3X, Trout Hunter Nylon Tippet 4X


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