Dry Fly Combo Package. Leader, Tippet, Leader Floatant, Fly Floatant

One 68″ Dry Fly Leader, Medium Weight for 4-5-6 wt. rods.  One spool of Trout Hunter 5X tippet, One bottle of Loon Aquel Dry Fly Floatant, one container of Otter Butter Leader Floatant.

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Dry Fly Combo

1 76″ Ultimate Dry Fly leader. Camo in Color. This is my go to leader. I typically throw a dry fly with a dropper about 18-24″ off of the bend of the first hook. These furled leaders produce so much energy, you can throw multiple fly set-ups without the worry about tangles.

1) Container of Otter Butter Leader Floatant. This paste keeps your leader floating all day long.

1). Spool of 5x Trout Hunter Tippet.

1). Bottle of Aquel, Dry fly Floatant……

All you need now is a rod and and a Fly………..

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