Tippet Rings (6.50)

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This is a 10 pack of “THE” famous Micro Tippet Rings that comes on Cutthroat Leaders.  Trust me, not all tippet rings are created equal.  There is many poor quality tippet rings on the market.  You want a ring that has the same diameter wire thickness all around.  You do not want a (flat ring, similar to washer).  Those type of rings cut tippets to easy.

We sell these rings in both 2mm for trout, and 3mm for bass / steelhead, etc.

This is the one product that has not been successfully reproduced and is only offered here.

TIP:  Keep ring on pin while passing tippet through for the first time.  That way, if you drop, you can easily find the safety pin, rather than be looking for an individual ring…

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