New Zealand Strike Indicator Sys.

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I personally love this system.  This indicator with one of our dry fly leaders cannot be beat for throwing small flies to SPOOKY fish.   Indicator works best when put on tippet.

Strike Inidicator Tool, enough New Zealand wool  and tubing to make years worth of indicators.

* Easy to Attach Indicator
* Easy to Adjust Indicator so Nymph is Suspended at Optimal Level
* Easy to Remove – Catch That Rising Rainbow!
* Knotless – Don’t Lose that Trophy
* No Damage to Leader

The New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool Tackles the Angler’s Challenge with a Great Solution

Most indicators spook fish, cause line damage, make knots, don’t stay in place or take too much time to rig. The NEW ZEALAND Strike Indicator Tool solves these problems and easily adjusts to catch that fish or meet changing conditions. It is so easy to attach to your line, causes no damage and can be quickly removed. You will love the difference this makes to your fishing day.

The recommendations below are from Barry, the inventor of the strike indicator system.

1. Take some wool out of the pack and roll it between your index finger and thumb – compress the wool like you were rolling a cigarette.

2. The trick is to learn the correct amount of wool so that the size of the “cigarette” will fill the tubing.  If there is too much wool then it won’t get pulled into the tubing when you cinch up the tag ends.

3. Use the tool and snare the tippet  and slide down one of the plastic sleeves forming a loop in the 5x.

4. Insert the wool cigarette into the loop and cinch up so that the wool is now in contact with the plastic sleeve.

5. Now pull firmly on both tag ends and the wool should get “sucked up” into the sleeve completely filling sleeve. Experiment to get the right amount of wool – too much and it won’t fully fill the sleeve- too little and there will not be enough resistance to prevent the indicator from sliding.  Once you learn the right amount it’s easy. Control the size of your indicator with your scissors – we sometimes trim then as small as a size 18 dry fly when fishing to a spooky
trout. Always use the correct amount of wool to construct the indicator.

6. Now there should be just the right amount of resistance so that the indicator will only move when you purposefully slide it – should be gripping the tippett quite snugly.

7. One more thing to check – the length of the sleeves – there is a hollow slot in the needle which
is 8mm in length.  Use your nippers to cut/trim plastic sleeves to 4mm in length.  Thus two sleeves should fill the slot.

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