Tenkara Camo

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Thread Furled Knotless  Tapered Leaders

We offer Tenkara Leaders in many lengths, 7′-6″,10′-0″ and 11′-6″ and 18′-0″.  Because our leaders transfer so much more energy than our competitors, you can use longer tippet.

Simply tie your tippet (5x is best) to the tippet ring using the same knot you tie your fly on with.  Most fishers use between 36″ & 60″ of tippet.

Additional information

Leader Weight

0-3WT, 4-5-6wt, 7-8wt

Tippet End

Micro Ring, Shorb Loop, Swivel

Leader Floatant

Cutthroat Otter Butter Floatant, Cutthroat Otter Butter Small, Loon Floatant

Trout Hunter Fluorocarbon Tippet

Trout Hunter Flouro 3X, Trout Hunter Flouro 4X, Trout Hunter Flouro 5X, Trout Hunter Flouro 6X, Trout Hunter Flouro 7X

Trout Hunter Nylon Tippet

Trout Hunter Nylon 3X
Trout Hunter Nylon 4X
Trout Hunter Nylon 5X
Trout Hunter Nylon 6X
Trout Hunter Nylon 7X

Trout Hunter Nylon Tippet

Trout Hunter Nylon Tippet 3X, Trout Hunter Nylon Tippet 4X


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