Nymphing-Combo Package “Three Leaders”

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Nymphing Combo

1-50″ Nymphing leaders: are built using additional thread at the butt section which aids in turning over heavy flies with a strike indicator. These leaders have No Memory, therefore they create a much more natural drift compared to other leader material. These Leaders are great for swinging wet flies and beadheads.

1-50″ Hi-Vis Nymphing Leaders: Are created with a brightly colored (Orange or Chartreuse) Butt Section. This section is treated with Floatant. This creates an 18″ long “Strike Indicator”. You will be able to detect very subtle strike that have previously gone un-noticed.

1-50″ Nylon Big Bug Leader: For turning heavier flies with ease. These leaders were developed for throwing large bass bugs and are great with indicators as this leader will not sink fast and pull the indicator down. The leader will not kink like typical taperend mono leaders, so no more worries when moving your indicator. These leaders come with loops only.  Combo includes 1 indicator as well.

Additional information

Leader Weight for all Leaders

4-5 WT, 6-7 WT.


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