River Nymphing Leader 50″ (for floating lines)

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River Nymphing Leader 50″  (use w/ Floating Lines)

50″ Nymphing leaders: are built using additional thread at the butt section which aids in turning over heavy flies. Shorter heavier leaders turn over with more energy meaning you can cast heavier flies. These leaders also have No Memory; therefore they create a much more natural drift compared to other leader material. These Leaders are great for swinging wet flies and beadheads. If you indicator fish, but hate casting / tangling your line with a wind catching indicator, you should check out our Hi-Vis Nymph Leader. They cast like a dream, show the smallest of strikes and do not spook fish with a plop/splat onto the water.

If you like to use a regular strike indicator, this leader might not be the best choice. For indicator fishing, we recommend using our Big Bug Nylon furled Leader. The nylon is neutrally buoyant (sinks when fishing weighted flies, floats with dry flies). The extra mass of a nylon leader helps throw very heavy flies and wind resistant indicators. Also, these leaders are durable. We offer them with only a shorb loop end, as the nylon leaders have tendency to fail at the connection point of the tippet ring.


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